Kumbakonam Mahamaham Tanks

Mahamaham Tanks

The Star Maham is a powerful star in the 27 stars group. Every month once in 27 days. Maham star will have its own Rasi Simha. The festival on Maham star in Masi is said to he Maha festival.

Once in every 12 years Masi Maga Magam is celebrated as a a sacred festival attracting huge sea of people all over the sacred land. The maham day of Masi Month, is called a day of MAMANGAM, This Mamangam has been in the course of time has been named as Maha Magam festival.


All around the tank there are beautiful steps and bund the steps are all in Black stones. Water will be in the tank all around the year. But when Mahamaham festival approaching fast, the water in the tank used to be cleaned and fresh water will be allowed to stay for about two to three feet, not to cause any difficulty to the devotes comes to dip in the tank.

There are 16 Mandapams around the steps of the tank. In each and every mandapam there is a temple in a tiny sturcture every simple is with Siva Lingam.

Theerthas in the Mahamaham Tank

This Mahamaham tank is not with only one river water but the water from twenty sacred rivers. The punniya sacred theertham is most auspictious in the land of Bharath.

Theerthas Name in the Tank

  • Vayu Theertham
  • Godavari Theertham
  • Agni Theertham
  • Bayoshni Theertham
  • Ganga Theertham
  • Eshana Theertham
  • Cauvery Theertham
  • Deva Theertham
  • Bramma Theertham
  • Narmada Theertham
  • Yama Theertham
  • Varunai Theertham
  • Yamuna Theertham
  • Saraswathi Theertham
  • Kumari Theertham
  • Sarayu Theertham
  • Kubera Theertham
  • Indira Theertham
  • Niruthi Theertham
  • Kanya Theertham

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